Electronic Application / Video Recording

The video recording submitted as part of the electronic application must be recorded and provided in one single take and contain works from three different stylistic periods.

The length of this video is about 30 mins, the three works about 10 minutes each.

Works contained in the video submitted with the electronic application may not be played during the Concours.


Audition (1st Round)

If a candidate proposes Bach, he or she must prepare entire partitas. During the Audition (1st Round) he or she will be asked to play one movement from a partita, which the jury selects on the evening preceding the Audition.


Recital (Second Round)
1st part:
Participants must prepare three sonatas from the “Repertoire List for the Recital (2nd Round)”. The Jury will discuss with them which one of the three sonatas will actually have to be performed during the Recital (2nd Round).

2nd part:
Except for sonatas, any of the pieces from the “Repertoire List for the Recital (2nd Round)” can be chosen freely for this part providing that a distinct stylistic variety and the overall length of the Recital (about 55 minutes) have been taken into account.

3rd part:
The work freely chosen by the candidate may be taken from the “Repertoire List for the Recital (2nd Round)”, but this is not compulsory. It is not permitted to repeat a work from the list that has already been played earlier; the duration of the freely chosen work will depend on the length of the first two parts of the Recital but it should in any case be considered as a short piece in the style of an “encore”.


Final Concert (Final Round)

For the Final Concert (Final Round) two concertos by different composers must be chosen from the “Repertoire List and Compulsory Pieces for the Final Concert (Final Round)”. Due to the brevity of the Liszt Concertos it is obligatory to combine them with another work for piano and orchestra from the “Repertoire List and Compulsory Pieces for the Final Concert (Final Round)”.