The General Conditions of Participation:

(1) The 15th Concours Géza Anda takes place from 27 May to 5 June 2021.

(2) The aim of the competition (the “Concours”) is the advancement of especially talented pianists.

(3) Pianists of all nationalities born after 27 May 1989 are eligible to participate.

(4) Applications and entry fee

Applications must be made electronically via, by 15 February 2021 at the latest, and must be accompanied by:
– A curriculum vitae
– A photo of the applicant
– A photocopy of the applicant’s passport
– A video recording (submission possible only as of 1 December 2020).
– An electronic selection of the repertoire to be presented at the Concours, using the preselected online options
– Any relevant information about existing commitments to concert agencies.

The application becomes valid after payment of the entry fee of CHF 300.- to:
Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG
Bleicherweg 18
CH-8002 Zurich
Account Nr. 11562561.2002 in the name of Géza Anda-Stiftung
IBAN CH12 0852 8115 6256 1200 2
BC 08528 – Swift: IHZUCHZZ
Ref: Concours Géza Anda 2021

Applications that do not correspond to the conditions of the Concours will not be considered. Any entry fees already paid will be reimbursed.

(5) The Competition is divided into the following rounds:

Audition (1st Round): max. 25 min. (27-29 May 2021, Zurich)
Recital (2nd Round): ca 55 min. (31 May-1 June 2021, Zurich)
Mozart Semifinal with orchestra (2-3 June 2021, Winterthur)
Final concert, with orchestra (Final Round) (5 June 2021, Zurich)

The participants will be informed in good time if any of these dates have to be moved.

(6) Decision regarding admittance to the Audition (1st Round)

The Jury will decide whether to admit the applicant to the Audition (1st Round) on the basis of a video recording that must be uploaded to from 1 December 2020 until 15 February 2021 at the latest. This video should be unedited and filmed in a single take, which is approximately 30 minutes long in total. It should include the applicant’s own selection of works/movements of works from the piano literature of the Classical and Romantic periods and from the early 20th century until ca 1945, chosen as follows:

3 works of approx. 10 minutes each, all of which are recorded in one continuous take and without editing:

Video recordings of approx. 10 minutes each:
Movement/work of the piano literature of the 18th century
Movement/work of the piano literature of the 19th century
Movement/work of the piano literature of the 20th century until ca 1945

The candidates will be informed by 31 March 2021 if they have been accepted for the Audition (1st Round) of the Concours.
Works that are already played in whole or in part on the video recording that is submitted electronically for an application may not be played during the Concours proper.

(7) The participants admitted to the 1st Round have to be present to register at the following address at 2 p.m. on 26 May 2021:

Musikschule Konservatorium Zürich MKZ
Florhofgasse 6, 8001 Zurich

(8) When registering on 26 May, the candidates will give the Concours Office the music for the brief piece (the “encore”) that they would like to play in the 3rd part of their Recital (2nd Round).

At the same time, the candidates must notify the Concours Office about the cadenzas they would like to play in the Mozart Semifinal and in the Final (the latter only if they have chosen a Beethoven concerto). If they wish to play rarely performed or their own cadenzas, the candidates must give the Concours Office the music for them.

(9) Reimbursement of the entry fee

Those applicants who are not admitted to the 1st Round on the basis of the video recording they submit will have their entry fee reimbursed. After the 1st Round, the entry fee will also be reimbursed to the participants.

(10) Travel and accommodation expenses / accommodation

Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the participants. The Concours Office can provide further information and can help competitors in finding accommodation and a place to practice.
A number of private lodgings with practice facilities will be available free of charge for those candidates who desire them.
Candidates who withdraw from the Competition must immediately inform their host and the Concours Office.

(11) The Jury and its assessments

The participants will be assessed according to artistic criteria by a Jury comprising international experts.
After every round, the Jury will decide by secret consultation which participants will proceed to the next round. Its decisions are final and binding.

The participants who are eliminated in any of the rounds have no right to participate in the next round.
After the final concert (the Final Round), the Jury will decide on the prizewinners by secret consultation. Its decisions are final and binding.

The decisions of the Jury are final and cannot be contested. Any and all legal action is excluded.

(12) Prizes

The Jury may award a 1st/2nd/3rd Prize in the form of a lump sum and/or may award further prizes. However, it is under no obligation to do so.

(13) Providing concert engagements

For three years after the Concours, the Géza Anda-Foundation will organise concert performances for its Prizewinners in various countries, cost-free and commission-free, and will assume their concert management.

The Foundation will assume the function of concert agency and management on the condition that the Prizewinners for their part commit themselves to upholding the concert engagements they accept. Any violation of this commitment can make the Prizewinners liable for damages.

In connection with this cost-free, commission-free concert management, the Concours Office of the Géza Anda-Foundation will reach an agreement with the concert agencies (where applicable) of the 2021 Prizewinners. All participants must disclose any contractual commitments and collaborations with any concert agents when applying to take part in the Concours.

(14) Withdrawal from participation

Candidates who are prevented from participating in the Concours are requested on organisational grounds to inform the Concours Office immediately of their withdrawal, and at the latest one month before the competition starts.

Candidates who withdraw from the Concours Géza Anda for a second time are barred from participating again.

Candidates who withdraw before the commencement of the Concours will not have their entry fee reimbursed.

(15) Recordings / copyright

By registering to take part in the Concours, candidates consent to audio and film recordings being made of their performances. They undertake to participate free of charge in all live video-streams, radio and/or television recordings and broadcasts in relation to the Concours, and which can also be viewed at This includes the final concert (Final Round), which will be recorded and broadcast live.

By registering to take part in the Concours, all candidates also transfer all copyright and ancillary copyright authorisations to audio and film recordings of their participation and performances at the Concours for all uses in connection with the Concours. The Géza Anda-Foundation has the right to utilise texts, images, audio and film recordings for promotional purposes in connection with the current and future editions of the Concours at its own discretion, and to publish images, audio and film recordings for non-commercial purposes.

(16) By registering to take part in the Concours, the participants confirm that they recognise the Jury and accept the conditions of both the invitation to participate and the competition itself.

(17) Participation, the conditions of participation and the organisation of the Concours itself are all subject to Swiss law. Redress through the courts is excluded. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich, the site of the registered office of the Géza Anda-Foundation.

As of 1 September 2020

Subject to change without notice

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